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Veterinary Radiology in Payson

Seeing Beyond Your Pet’s Fur

When your pet is sick or injured, they can’t tell us exactly what’s hurting them. At Payson Pet Care, we rely on the latest digital radiology and ultrasound technology to help us figure out what’s wrong. These tools help us find issues that we can’t see with the naked eye or even through lab testing.

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Radiology at Payson Pet Care

Our veterinary clinic offers both digital x-rays and ultrasounds. Both forms of radiological imaging help us see beyond your pet’s fur at their internal organs and bones. We often order radiographs when we suspect there’s something going on inside your pet that we can’t pinpoint with the naked eye.

X-rays produce still images of the solid or dense parts of your pet’s body, while ultrasounds produce real-time images of soft tissues, like organs and vessels. Importantly, both methods are totally pain-free and non-invasive and our veterinary team is here for you and your pet to ensure that their radiology experience is as stress-free as possible!

Digital X-Ray Imaging

Digital x-rays use electromagnetic radiation to produce highly detailed results that are faster than traditional x-rays, which are developed on film. Because x-rays produce still images, your pet may need to be sedated during the imaging process in order to capture a clear picture.

X-rays can be used for:

  • Identifying and monitoring broken bones
  • Finding foreign objects
  • Locating and monitoring tumors

The dense or solid parts of your pet’s body are the best candidates for x-ray imaging. If we think we need images of your pet’s soft tissues, we’ll order an ultrasound instead.

Ultrasound Imaging

Ultrasounds produce real-time images of the soft tissues of your pet’s body using high frequency soundwaves. While we usually show you these images on a computer screen, we can also print still captures for you to take home. An important difference between ultrasounds and x-rays is that because ultrasounds do not use radiation to produce their images, they are safe for use on pregnant pets and delicate tissues.

Ultrasounds can be used for:

  • Examining masses of soft tissue
  • Monitoring pregnancy
  • Examining the heart and other organs

If you have questions about x-rays, ultrasounds, or radiology in general, please do not hesitate to give us a call at (928) 260-4404 or contact us online.

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    “Great group of Technicians and a wonderful compassionate Doctor. As a retired Vet Tech its a relief to know that some hospitals Like Payson are truly proud and love what they do!!”

    - Raven L.
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    - cvwalls
  • In a time of heartbreak, the staff and Dr were amazingly compassionate and loving as our entire family gathered, one on face time, to say goodbye to our dog Shadow.

    - Debbie Kimball
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    “14 years taking care of my Shepard and I must say that the reason my dog is in great shape is the Doctor and her wonderful staff.. they truly care. Top notch.”

    - Jon
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    “Thank you for stopping your day and assisting me with my dog when she was in a lot of pain and needed attention. The staff was very caring and professional in my time of need and you are appreciated.”

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